Who We Are

Central Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church that is soul conscious and preaches God's Word with compassion and conviction.

Since our founding, Central Baptist has had five pastors.

Pastor Jim Taliaferro is now the pastor and has served the Lord here as our under-shepherd for over 30 years. Pastor Jim still preaches and teaches out of the old King James Bible, and we treasure its timeless teachings and poetic verse. While we are very conservative in our theology and style of worship, we are not legalistic. We believe it is just as sinful to be too Pharisaical in one's thinking as it is to be too liberal. We believe the Bible to be true from cover to cover, and our Pastor preaches it faithfully and truthfully.

Central Baptist Church was founded in April 1966 by Jim and Shirley Rich. It was located on the east side of the square in downtown McKinney, in a store front with ten members attendance.

Our church was started as a mission aided and supported by Temple Baptist Church in Fort Worth. In October of 1966, the church was officially organization with 31 charter members.

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